China Pharmaceutical University, Department of Environmental Science is to cultivate environmental science talent with pharmacy background, which was founded in 2009.

     Currently, there are 7 full-time teachers, including 1 professor, 2 associate professor and 4 lecturers. All of them have received Ph.D. degrees in environmental science and engineering. Since now, they host 4 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of funding, 6 projects of Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, 1 project of the State Water Pollution Control and Governance of major science and technology special sub-topic, etc. More than 80 SCI papers have been published in the department.

    The main researches in Environmental Science Department are as follows:(1)Pharmaceutical  pollution control projects: the chemical and biological contaminants, biological, photolysis, advanced oxidation and other degradation studies. (2) Comprehensive management of pharmaceutical pollutants and resource utilization: the environmental effects of biochar and its application in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment. (3) The evaluation of environmental safety of drugs: source of pollutants in natural water and soil and other media migration and transformation mechanism. (4) The development of ion exchange resin and its application in the field of water pollution control and recycling. (5)The impact of black carbon on microbial degradation of organic pollutants in water sediments and mechanism of action.

    The main professional courses are as follows: Ecology, Green production, Environmental chemistry, Environmental biology, Environmental toxicology, Environmental monitoring, Soil environment, Environmental materials science, Water supply and drainage engineering, Pharmaceutical waste disposal, Pharmaceutical environment Control and management and so on.